Welcome to Organized October 2021

This month at Franklin Planner, we’re celebrating Organized October. This is an event that encourages everyone to organize their lives and start good habits that will carry them through the rest of the year, and continue into the next.

Organization helps lead you to success throughout your life. It means so much more than well-kept shelves, labeled folders, and zero clutter. Being organized means taking control of your life and knowing the what, where, why, and when of every situation.

The less organized you are, the more time you spend hunting and searching for things in frustration, which can lead to stress. Many people turn to yoga, meditation or therapy as a way to decrease their stress levels, but if you’re not organized these methods likely aren’t addressing the root of the problem. The best way to break free of the cycle is by learning to use tools that can help keep you organized, increase productivity, and decrease your stress levels. Then yoga and meditation have a chance to work.

There is a lot to prepare for in the next few months. Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving food assignments, Christmas presents, and so much more. Getting your everyday life organized now will help you feel more prepared for these big events and create good habits before the new year. Whether being organized comes naturally to you or it takes you more work to get into that frame of mind, it’s important to remember that anyone can be organized. It’s not something that requires skill, but instead requires effort to learn and implement into every aspect of life.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll help you dive into organization and planning, providing steps you can work on each week. In the meantime, you can get a head start by watching our training videos on our website. Your Franklin Planner encourages you to anchor your daily actions to the people, ideals, and values you hold dear without drifting into areas that waste your time and energy. When you’ve organized and planned well, you’re in a position to make better decisions. Organizing and planning helps you get your work done accurately, avoid costly mistakes, be more efficient, productive, and achieve important goals and objectives.

10 Replies to “Welcome to Organized October 2021”

  1. Bring it on! Ready to get totally organized! Been using Franklin Planner for 25 years and various others prior to. Franklin planner by far the best system!

    1. Started using 28 years ago at a Franklin Seminar. Later took the project management class where my book was used as an example for the class with my color coding and dividers for other important parts of work and family. I had a lot of meetings all over America and at those meetings friends watching me use the planner, fell in love. So I would buy a set and next time I saw them I would teach them about how I used the planner. This was before there were many stores.
      Subsequently, my husband, who first told me to see if my company offered the planner class(his did not) started using a planner; first a classic, then a compact, then bought the leather case with the long handle you could carry over your shoulder, then went to monarch. He bought the expensive case from Franklin next one from American tourist and one other one with handles and lots of storage places inside. I think the most expensive was $200, unless there was a Coach one? All were very expensive. Lastly he went to the leather pocket.
      Next my daughter so she found a zipper canvas style and used student style, next one hangs around her shoulder and one other one and quit. She never has and probably never will be organized.
      Today and in the past she will ask me a question and I will say what does your planner say?

  2. Was given my Franklin planner many years ago when I worked for a large brokerage firm. Have now been retired for 20 years and still reply on my trusty planner to try to keep me on track!

  3. I have fallen off my planner band wagon. I haven’t been writing in it. Life has been frustrating. I need to get back to being organized.

  4. I was introduced to Franklin 37 years ago, I have not stopped. It was a very useful when my children were little and I had to keep up with all of their activities. Then my mother became ill, if it were not for Franklin Planner there would have been no way to keep up. I am now retired living a slower pace, and still using my planner

  5. Franklin Planner is my Lifeline. I’m not always as productive as I would like to be, but my Planner is my right hand, always at my side. In 1986 I went to work for the State of Utah the first thing that my outfit did was to send me to a Franklin Planner Seminar and provided me with the original planner and basic filler. I was told by my supervisor that I would be required to bring my Planner (Only a Franklin Planner, that was understood) to meetings. I soon found out that if I didn’t show up with my Planner I would be sent out of the meeting to retrieve it. Once I had left it at home. I had to go home to accomplish this feat. I’ve never left my Franklin Planner behind since, not even when I was taken to the hospital. I get perturbed at myself when I find a blank page because I realize that I have lost a little bit of myself in the shuffle of the day.

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