Whistle While You Work

There are a lot of people who believe the Seven Dwarfs were onto something—whistling while they worked. Music has a strong effect on us. It can lift our spirits, get us dancing to the beat, or even cause serious reflection. So is music a good way to improve your work and your outlook? Sure it is, especially if the work you’re doing is physical like construction, yard work, or cleaning the house. You can benefit a lot from those dancing rhythms. But it isn’t for everyone.

Not everybody can focus on the task at hand when they have music lyrics running through their heads. If you’re writing a report or working on an article for your local paper, additional words bouncing around in your head interfering with the words you’re trying to craft may be the last thing you want. Those situations may call for instrumental music, music with lyrics that don’t make any sense, or music you’re so familiar with that you don’t even pay attention to the lyrics any longer. It’s all about what works for you.


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