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Workaholic to Work/Life Balance

It’s true—you can have too much of a good thing. There is a certain high that comes with a job well done. Accomplishments can be addicting. Of course, for many of us the reason we work late has more to do with our workload than our egos. Either way, your planner can help you replace those late hours at the office with family time, time enjoying hobbies, or simply more rest.

Often the best way to reduce the time you spend at work is by sharpening the saw. Planning time to practice a skill, read up on the latest trends, or study your trade can greatly improve your productivity when you are at work. Taking time to exercise, eat healthy, rest, and regenerate can go a long way as well. If you feel like you are able to make time for you, it’s easier to give your all while you’re at work—and then get out.

Add a personal improvement task to your Prioritized Daily Task List each day, and make it an ‘A’ priority, so you’ll be sure to get to it. Schedule time with your spouse, children, and friends in your appointment column each week, and be sure you’re out of your office in time to enjoy them. See if doing these things doesn’t bring a spring back into your step.

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