Your Refresher Course: How to Use the FranklinPlanner System

How do you use your planner? Since 1984, planner users worldwide have used the system developed by Hyrum Smith to list, prioritize, and accomplish the tasks needed to realize their goals. If you’re new to the FranklinPlanner, or if it’s been a while, take a look at this helpful refresher on how to get the most from your planning pages.

Download a PDF version here.


25 Replies to “Your Refresher Course: How to Use the FranklinPlanner System”

  1. Enjoyed the \”Helpful Refresher\” notes. It\’s been a while since I\’ve used my Franklin Planner, so now it\’s time for me to get back into my routine of using my planner again.

    P.S. I appreaciate all the other accessories that you can purchase for your planner.


  2. I am trying to print this out – it looks like it is 4 pages – yet only 1 page prints, believe there is something wrong..

    Please correct..

  3. So glad I saw this on your website. I had been trying to use my own \”method\”, which has been confusing me more than helping. Now that I\’ve read this, I\’m going to try it! Seems like it may work a lot better.

  4. The hardest part of having a planner is the values clarification. Covey used to have excellent resources to help but they are basically impossible to find. I have even tried other resources but no real success. Am I looking in the wrong places or do you have other resources that you can recommend? I had even looked into the counseling that you used to offer (even though I don\’t really have the funds for it). I\’m sure I\’m not the only one looking for this type of help.

    1. I am looking for a complete video on how to use the forms and setting up your planner.
      You used to have live classes on this but I had to travel to attend. There are videos from other people but I find they don’t know how to use the planner correctly. You can’t sell your planners or system without giving the public information. I realize that you only care about corporations, but the rest of us would like to learn too.

  5. I wish you would carry more Classic binders that have .75 rings. I now use a weekly planner and a lot of the binders are too big; geared for the daily.

  6. I find that the Classic size, zipper closing binder works best for but it doesn’t accommodate daily planning sheets. What suggestions can you offer? Also, I like Jan-Dec planners for & business planning but need July-June planners for church & volunteer scheduling/planning.

  7. Thrilled with the dot grid planner. I have been using FC since 1994, and bored with the same layout. Now I can include
    What matters most to me in my own way. There are so many things that I want to schedule, that your structured layout didn’t accommodate.

  8. I like this idea, I actually made my own being that I have two jobs and both consist of daily tasks and now with me going back to school. It really helps me stay on track.

  9. Planners are nice but i can find them to be to much, i prefer a calendar. If i use a planner i still use a calendar and can reflect off of it to guide me to look at planner for special assignments. It can assist to stay on tract because a calendar i have give very little space.

  10. When I purchased my first Franklin planner back in about 1996 or 97, it came with around 4 (possibly more) cassette tapes – a recording of Hyrum Smith giving a live seminar on how to use the planner along with other great “life management/time management” ideas.

    Has that ever been digitized? Is it possible to get a copy of that today?

    1. did you ever find a copy of the 4 cassette tapes of Hyrum Smith on using the franklin planner? I’d like to get a copy some how.

  11. I like this system but I wonder whether you’re supposed to re-write the tasks you didn’t get done that day in a new list for the next day? Seems like there’s a lot of re-writing going on! Is there a way to short-cut that? Thank you.

  12. I have not seen that in a long time. I will try to use that for the next couple weeks to see if it helps.

  13. The book To Do, Doing, Done by Snead and Wycoff (1997) includes a fairly detailed description of using the Franklin Planner for task and project management.

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