Behave Like a BOSS (National Boss Day)

Behave Like a BOSS

Though the phrase was trending from 2005-2012, we still know that to do something “like a boss” is to do it with stylish confidence or authority, to lead by example, and to earn respect. Whether you are already heading a company as the owner or CEO, just starting as the newest employee, or breaking out in a small business venture…What kind of boss are you choosing to be? How can you optimize your opportunities to lead and impress? Here are some alternative (and slang) terms for The Boss, with qualities that you can recognize and perhaps choose to emulate.

  • The Head Honcho: They rule the roost and call the shots; can be counted on to make all the difficult choices, and are always there to own up to and face the consequences; never blames or belittles, earning the respect of all.
  • The Commander-In-Chief: Is a commanding presence, exuding power and strength; inspires respect and attention, and not only looks the part, but also has the skills to back it up; is confident, assertive, decisive and strategic; attracts others to join their mission.
  • The Big Cheese: Holds a lot of power and the responsibility that comes with it; is the ultimate decision maker but also a master of delegation; has their finger on the pulse of the business; people listen when they speak.
  • The Mastermind: Thinks outside-the-box; can be counted on to flex their “brain muscles”, push to the limit, and use sound logic and deduction; has necessary and legendary problem-solving skills to overcome obstacles.
  • The Heavy Hitter: Excels at their job; walks the walk – doing the tough behind-the-scenes work that ensures success in the spotlight; makes tough decisions without hesitation, with a batting average or track record that inspires confidence, is a great coach and mentor who helps their team members rise, leading by example.
  • The Top Dog: Is THE influential pack leader, the alpha; can be counted on to make the correct decisions that affect all; excels at strategy, communication and motivation; exemplifies bravery and hardwork; can enlist others to help willingly.
  • The Captain: Is in command, leads others, and takes charge; excels at navigating uncertain waters, and keeping the entire crew in good condition; has the grit, smarts, and success record to be admired; takes necessary risks while ensuring others feel safe on their watch.

No matter where you began, where you are now, or who you have the opportunity to lead, you can strive to behave like a boss and profoundly impact the world by positively influencing those around you.

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