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Mind Games: Strengthening Mental Muscles to Prepare for Q4

One of the best ways to prepare for success and mental clarity as you move into the busy fourth quarter, is to make sure your mind is sharp. Incorporating trivia and memory games into your routine can have a profound impact on brain performance across various aspects of life. These games challenge your cognitive abilities, …

Sharpen the Saw (Habit 7) – Take Time for Renewal

Sharpen the Saw (Habit 7) - Take Time for Renewal

As the Autumnal Equinox arrives on September 23rd, signaling the transition to shorter days and longer evenings, it’s a fitting time to reflect on the balance in our lives. Just as the sun’s crossing above Earth’s equator prompts us to ponder equilibrium, we can also turn our attention to Habit 7 from The 7 Habits …

Patriot Day

Patriot Day

Every year on September 11th, we observe Patriot Day to remember the tragic events that unfolded in 2001 and pay tribute to the lives lost. On this solemn day, we commemorate the lives of the nearly 3,000 innocent victims who perished during the terrorist attacks in New York City, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania. We also …

Celebrating Labor Day As An Entrepreneur

Celebrating Labor Day as an Entrepreneur

The origins of Labor Day in the late nineteenth century were steeped in recognition of the invaluable contributions made by workers to America’s growth, prosperity, and overall well-being. Traditionally, Labor Day has been marked by street parades and festivities celebrating the strength and unity of trade and labor organizations. Today, with the landscape of labor …

The Franklin Five: September 2023

September 2023 Franklin Five Checklist

Welcome September! Soon you’ll be bringing us cooler weather, the beginning of Autumn, new opportunities, and new experiences. September Checklist Pocket Size: PDF September Checklist Compact Size: PDF September Checklist Classic Size: PDF September Checklist Monarch Size: PDF

Synergize (Habit 6) – The Habit of Creative Cooperation

Synergize - Habit 6

In the journey towards personal and professional effectiveness, one habit stands out as a catalyst for growth and innovation – Synergize. This sixth habit from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is all about the power of creative cooperation, where working closely with others and capitalizing on cumulative strengths can lead to outcomes that …

The Value of a Good Plan

The Value of a Good Plan

When it comes to navigating the complexities of life and achieving our goals, having a solid plan is crucial. Whether we’re students, entrepreneurs, community leaders, or individuals managing busy households, a good plan sets the foundation for success. Planning ahead allows us to anticipate challenges, identify resources, and make informed decisions. It provides a roadmap …

Respecting Oneself and Personal Kindness

Respecting Oneself and Personal Kindness

For many of us, being kind to ourselves doesn’t come naturally. We tend to downplay our achievements and criticize ourselves for not doing better. In a world where self-respect and personal kindness are often misunderstood and feared, it’s important to recognize that treating ourselves with compassion and respect is not an act of conceit or …

The Value of Striving and Overcoming

The Value of Striving and Overcoming

In a rapidly changing world, filled with both new challenges and overwhelming amounts of shallow distractions, it is easier than ever to avoid harsh or difficult realities and disappear into digital virtual spaces. However, by doing so, we miss out on the invaluable lessons and personal growth that come from striving and overcoming obstacles. Hard …

Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood (Habit 5)

Seek First to Understand (Habit 5)

Communication is an essential skill in life. We invest years in learning how to read, write, and speak, but what about listening? How much training have we received to truly understand another human being? The truth is, most of us have had little to no training in the art of listening deeply. We often prioritize …

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