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  1. Will Classic size ring bound planner pages fit the monarch size binder? I’m hope for forms that are not available in Monarch size are exist in Classic Size can fit into the Monarch binder.

  2. Would you please send me information on Pocket size 3.5″ X 6″ Wire Wind, I would like to see the different styles & prices you have.

  3. For years I have been using the Original Pocket size With the zip leather Binder. The zip binder helped because it could hold extra notes,etc needed only temporarily, but did not want to loose them.
    I do like the looks of La Vie en Rose Planner. However since it is a wire bound, I have no place for any extra notes, etc. I am trying to see if it is as practical as the zip binder. Obviously I simply need to improve my noting down in the moment and not keeping extra notes!
    What is your experience or feed back you are receiving regarding the “likes” of those who have purchased La Vie en Rose PLanner.
    Thank you I wait for your reply,
    Janis Carroll

  4. Is there any software that could be used to pre-fill yearly dates like birthdays, anniversaries…? It takes a lot of time every month or year to put all those dates in my planner.

  5. Hi! I have an old binder, Classic size, that I haven´t used for two/three years. But now I think it will serve me again. It is so old that the outside is made of one piece of leather, no seams! But I´m thinking of going down one size, to Compact. Any thoughts on that?

    I have just finished a three year mission as a Service Mission Leader, going back to a life as retired. But I´m still half active in business and family activities. Have you any customers that has done the same downsizening? Their thoughts?


    Rolf Hägglund, Sweden

  6. I have used your products since 1988 and couldn’t live without them. I am 77, retired and use a pocket binder daily. Thank you for your assistance every year getting new calendars, etc. A great company and a great product!

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