Get Outdoors

Get Outdoors

Autumn is officially here, bringing with it cooler weather, wondrous colors, and a slower pace. These factors can make it tempting to start spending your days indoors, but this is actually the perfect season to get outdoors and enjoy nature with your family. Now that the hectic days of summer are over, it can feel like you’ve already done everything, but fall creates many new opportunities for getting outside. Here are a few unique ideas that your family will love:

Explore a new park or visit an old favorite. Parks aren’t just for summer. In fact, the cooler temps and colorful leaves make fall the perfect time to explore the many parks in your area. Your kids will have a lot more fun when they’re not overheating or getting burned on the hot slides and swings, and the trees and falling leaves will create a beautiful atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. Autumn is a great season for visiting State and National Parks as well. Many of these landmarks have a decrease in visitors, so you might get to enjoy a visit without the summer crowds.

Take a Fall Color Hike. Make the most of the gorgeous fall colors by taking the kids on a fall color hike. Give them a printout of the colors of the rainbow (or use paint sample cards) and have them find items that match each color. Red, orange, green, yellow, and brown may be easy, but can they find something purple? What about black and white? This is a great way to entertain and occupy kids while hiking through the woods or local park. Don’t have time for a long hike? This activity can be done nearly anywhere–even in your own backyard.

Dissect a sunflower. Let your kids pull off the leaves, pluck out the seeds with tweezers, cut open the thick stems, and thoroughly destroy the whole thing in the name of science. This is a great hands-on educational project to do outside and learn all about the parts of the plant. You can also plant a few of the seeds and roast the rest for a delicious snack.

Make a leaf crown. There are so many fun uses for all the colorful leaves falling from the sky. One way to let your kids showcase their personality and creativity is by letting them pick their favorite leaves and make them into a crown. You can fold them together, glue them to a paper loop or sticks, bind them onto wire, or staple them together – there’s no wrong way to do it. 

While you’re enjoying sweaters, boots, pumpkin-flavored foods, and cozy blankets, don’t forget to fully savor the season by getting outside. There are many new, fun things you can do during autumn to create new memories that your family will love. What are some of your favorite and creative fall activities?

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