Lessons In Thankfulness

Lessons in Thankfulness

In a world where many of us enjoy abundance and prosperity, a peculiar paradox persists—so many individuals live in a constant state of dissatisfaction. Despite the ‘plenty’ that surrounds us, we often find ourselves yearning for something more, believing that a particular status, an ideal relationship, the trappings of success, or an absence of conflict, will be the key to our happiness. But could the real problem lie in our dependency on these external factors for our well-being?

Research suggests that the difference between happy people and unhappy people is their level of gratitude. Psychological studies and neuroscience have revealed a profound connection between gratitude and increased happiness. So, whether in times of abundance or lack, it’s not perfection that makes us content, but the ability to be grateful for what we have.

Most of us tend to focus solely on the future, perpetually aiming for the elusive horizon—regretting the space between where we are now and where we aspire to be. This perspective fosters an inner voice that continually tells us that happiness awaits only once we reach a certain financial milestone or acquire bigger homes and better cars. Although it’s important to have significant goals, attaching our happiness to future achievements will keep us in perpetual pursuit. No matter how much we attain, we’ll always be chasing the horizon—we’ll forever run but never reach it.

To break free from this cycle, we must shift our focus to the present and appreciate what we’ve already achieved. When we feel frustration or disappointment, it often results from comparing our current circumstances to others. Rather than falling into the pitfall of comparison and constant dissatisfaction, take a moment to look around and be thankful for your achievements, your personal growth, and the adversities you’ve overcome to become the person you are today. 

Your actions and attitudes of gratitude have the remarkable power to propel you forward, increasing your happiness and overall sense of accomplishment. Ultimately, the pursuit of happiness begins with gratitude for our present and past accomplishments, making us fully aware that the journey itself is something to be treasured.


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