Creating Your Holiday Game Plan

Creating Your Holiday Game Plan

It’s mid-November, and the holiday season is upon us. If you want to make the most of this season and ensure it’s a memorable win, it’s time to ditch the last-minute scramble and take control of the game. Instead of fumbling your way through important events, huddle up with your planner and your special team in advance. Know your plays and execute your well-thought-out game plan. With the fourth quarter ticking away, it’s time to step up and create something truly remarkable!

In the world of sports, effective management involves five major functions: planning, organizing, leading, controlling, and evaluating. These functions encompass goal-setting, resource allocation, coordination, decision-making, performance monitoring, and assessing improvements. Let’s apply these principles to your upcoming holiday season, transforming your preparations into a strategic game plan.

  1. Start with Planning: Know Your Goals

Begin with a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish this holiday season. Begin With The End in Mind by setting both overarching goals and micro-goals to create a comprehensive game plan that outlines the specific steps required to achieve success. Whether it’s organizing a memorable family gathering or executing a flawless corporate event, knowing your objectives is your first move.

  1. Organize Your Resources

In any game, you must understand the resources at your disposal. Identify what materials and equipment you’ll need, and don’t forget to build a fantastic team. Like an effective sports coach, allocate time for each step and ensure smooth coordination among all the key players. Organizing means not only having a game plan but also ensuring you have all the necessary assets in place to carry it out.

  1. Lead

Start executing your game plan and make assignments to ensure everything gets done. Decision-making is a crucial part of holiday season success.Your strong game plan will provide you with the resilience to respond to last-minute changes calmly and confidently.

  1. Stay in Control: Monitor and Adjust

Maintain control of your holiday preparations by closely monitoring progress and performance. Keep a close eye on each element to ensure no critical components fall short. Inevitably, you may need to reassign tasks, make adjustments, or take care of assignments that team members can’t complete. Being proactive in overseeing the process minimizes surprises and ensures that your plans stay on track.

  1. Evaluate and Prepare for Future Success

As the holiday season reaches its conclusion, and your events come to a triumphant end, take the time to evaluate your performance. Assess what worked exceptionally well, what adjustments were necessary, and who were your standout performers—those individuals who exceeded all expectations. This critical exercise will not only help you savor your current win but also prepare for the next impressive victory. Your holiday game plan will only get better with each season, attracting the best players to join your team for future success.

This holiday season, aim for a touchdown by planning ahead, leading with confidence, and taking charge of celebrations. No matter how big or small your events, by applying the principles of effective sports management, you can ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible and create a season to remember. Get out there and make this holiday season a resounding win!

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