Life-long Learners are Teachers and Influencers

One of the great truths of human kind is that we are always learning. No matter how long we live, new information and new experiences are available all the time. When we feel overwhelmed, or even just lazy, we may try to shut out the ‘new’ and ignore the lessons…but they are there, and waiting for our attention. With Teacher’s day on May 7th, it’s a good time to celebrate the teachers in your life and to consider how we each teach and influence others.

We learn best through teaching others. If you really want to form and test skills and opinions, the best way to do that is to teach someone else what you have learned – and then pay attention to the process. There’s always more than one way to look at and do anything. As you teach or share with another person, you’ll see their different take on the topic or experience. They’ll likely ask questions that you didn’t, and help you to stretch your concept of what is true and real.

Also, when we are interested in something new, we generally want to talk about it and share it with others. Notice how a new purchase, a newfound funny video, an interesting TedTalk, a change of opinion, last night’s sporting event, upcoming weather, current worldwide strife, a new car, an experience with our pet, etc…etc. are all at the top of our conversations. When something intrigues us, we share. Through sharing we influence the interests and opinions of others.

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