Help Your Child Discover Their Planning Style

Planning is a simple skill with enormous benefits. The sooner a person develops the habit of planning, the better they’ll perform in school and in life. Show your kids how you use your planner. Teach them some basic time-management skills to help them see the importance of taking charge of their choices. Determine together what …

Planner Inspiration from Fellow Planners

Sometimes we need a refresher on how to use our planner or could use some new ideas to improve our personal planning systems. Other planner users can provide some of the best inspiration. View this slideshow and see how other’s from Instagram use their FranklinPlanner.

4 Ways Your Planner Can Help you Accomplish Your Summer Bucket List

Summer usually means time away from school, and vacations from work—but that time goes by so quickly! It’s easy to wind up at the end of your break with things left undone. You wonder where the time went. When this happens it’s easy to rationalize by saying that you were relaxing, but if that were …

8 Activities to Make the Most of Memorial Day

Memorial Day is intended as a way to remember our brave neighbors, friends, and family who gave everything they had to ensure our freedoms and to help maintain freedom for others. Because it’s a Federal holiday, many of us have the day off work so we can devote time to celebrating and remembering. How we celebrate varies. It’s …

6 Questions to Ask Yourself When Writing a Personal Mission Statement

So it’s February. By now, some of your New Year’s resolutions may be trying to flake off. That’s OK; we’re sure you’ve benefited from the effort you’ve made toward them already. But there’s no need to give up on any of your goals—the year is still young. Instead, pick them up, adjust them, and apply …

How to Use Your Planner to Prioritize

One of the hallmarks of the original FranklinPlanner process, the Prioritized Daily Task List (PDTL), compresses the time you spend prioritizing and tracking progress on the things you do each day. Each task gets a priority marker and a follow up symbol, letting you see at a glance where you are and where you’re headed.

How to Choose the Planner for You

Every FranklinPlanner is designed to help organize your life, but they’re also designed with different personalities and planning styles in mind. To get the most out of your planning sessions, it pays to have the planner best suited for you. So, how do you do that? Consider the following four elements of a planner: