Practice Law 1: You Control Your Life By Controlling Your Time

Practice Law 1

In the relentless pursuit of productivity and personal fulfillment, mastering the art of time management becomes a crucial endeavor. Hyrum W. Smith’s groundbreaking work, The 10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management, offers profound insights into harnessing time as a powerful ally in achieving life’s most significant goals. The quest for inner peace – and the happiness that comes with it – is a life ambition of every person on the planet. Ultimately, we want to feel good about ourselves. We want to be excited to get up in the morning. We want to be in control of what can be controlled. The exciting thing is that this is not only possible, it is also doable. The 10 Laws, rooted in the fundamental patterns of nature and human experience, provide a blueprint for navigating the complexities of our daily lives. Each month, we’ll be diving into one of these laws and discovering how these fundamental patterns of nature and life continue to be valid in our daily lives. Today, let’s delve into Law One, a cornerstone principle that lays the foundation for regaining control over our lives.

Law 1: You Control Your Life By Controlling Your Time

At its core, Law 1 asserts that time is the continuum through which events unfold, shaping our past, present, and future. To control our lives, we must first control the events within our time. Two fallacies often hinder this control: the illusion of having more time in the future and the misguided belief that time can be saved. Each day offers a finite resource of 86,400 seconds, none of which is available for future use.

When we proclaim, “I don’t have time,” for something, it’s actually a veiled admission that we are more interested in doing something else. Unchecked, insignificant events such as excessive TV watching or endless social media scrolling overshadow crucial moments with our loved ones or pursuing meaningful endeavors. 

Much like protecting our financial assets, safeguarding our time from potential robbers is paramount. Some common time robbers include interruptions, unnecessary meetings, conflicting priorities, poor delegation, disorganization, indecision, and perfectionism. Unless you identify the principal time wasters in your life and create a plan for eliminating them, you will continue wasting time in the same pattern every day and never be able to focus on your true priorities.

As we strive for mastery over our time, let’s heed Smith’s wisdom and recognize that the events we prioritize today define the life we create tomorrow. By understanding and embracing Law One, we pave the way for a future where our actions align with our deepest values, fostering a life of purpose, satisfaction, and control.

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  2. After 20 years of off-paper-planning, I’m back to the basics of writing down, on paper, using a writing instrument, in my own hand, my dreams, goals, priorities and individual activities to make those happen. Twenty years of voltage controlled computer-based planning has lead to a slow disconnection with my values and goals and confusion about my priorities. Today that changes. I’ve revived my trusty leather planner and have paper planning accessories in the mail. The computer culture has steered me into bad habits of no significant value like social media posting, insignificant video watching, forum surfing and IE searches that are all designed to trigger consumer consumption habits. Computer based time management just does not work for me. Loosing touch with paper planning and goal management is a tragedy that I regret allowing to happen. I am thrilled that I’m back to what works best and matters most to me. This may be the last post I ever make. Hope this gives someone motivation to do what works best to accomplish THIER goals and priorities by using a method that is not easily erased or corrupted, truly persistent, easy to access, and actually real. Living “in the cloud” is not mandatory, it’s just one option.

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