The Secrets of Making and Keeping Goals

The Secrets of Making and Keeping Goals

The Franklin Planner System provides an unparalleled organizational framework for setting, tracking, and achieving goals with precision and clarity. With its systematic approach, you can break down your aspirations into manageable tasks, ensuring a focused and achievable path to success. The comprehensive set of tools, including goal planning forms, check registers, and yearly foldout calendars, empowers you, as an individual, to align your actions with your values. By integrating the Franklin Planner system into your daily routines, you will experience enhanced productivity, reduced stress, and a heightened sense of accomplishment while navigating the journey toward your goals. Here are a few reasons why our system works and how you can better use it to make and keep your goals:

1.Link Your Goals to Your Values

Many of us dream of getting a promotion, earning more money, or changing careers, but why? Likely, it’s because you want recognition, the means to surround your family with comfort, or a greater passion and enthusiasm for what you’re doing. It’s not until you know the “why” behind your goal that you will be truly motivated to do the work necessary to achieve it and receive the satisfaction and rewards you deserve.

2. Break It Down

Because goals are often long-term and abstract by nature, make them more digestible by breaking them down. Start with your main goal, then consider what will need to happen directly before, then before that and before that.

3. Make Them Visible

Write down your goals and put them somewhere you’ll see regularly so that you’re constantly reminded of where you want to be. Our Weekly Compass Cards are a great way to keep an eye on your objectives each day.

4. Reflect and Adjust

Maybe a few weeks have passed and you’ve realized you’re not progressing toward your goals as quickly as you hoped. Or perhaps you surprise yourself and are able to complete your goal faster than you planned. Rather than giving up or deciding it’s “good enough”, take time to review your goals and see what you can change. It’s completely fine to adjust your goals or even just tweak your plan to achieve them.

Embarking on a journey towards personal and professional success requires more than just aspirations; it demands a strategic roadmap. In the pursuit of our dreams, the secrets to making and keeping goals play a pivotal role. Whether you’re navigating the realms of personal development, career advancement, or lifestyle changes, your Franklin Planner can help you unlock your full potential and turn aspirations into tangible accomplishments.

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