Practice Law 3: When Your Daily Practices Reflect Your Governing Values, You Experience Inner Peace

Practice Law 3

Inner peace is not merely a lofty aspiration; it’s a tangible state of being that arises when we align our actions with our deepest values and beliefs. In Hyrum Smith’s book, The 10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management, Law 3 underscores the importance of building a Productivity Pyramid – a framework that transforms our governing values into actionable goals and tasks, guiding us towards fulfillment and purpose.

At the foundation of this pyramid lie our governing values, principles, and beliefs – the bedrock upon which our lives are built. By articulating these core tenets, we lay the groundwork for a life of intentionality and meaning. The next level of the pyramid comprises our long-range goals – the vision of our desired future selves. These goals serve as beacons guiding our journey, inspiring us to take purposeful strides towards our aspirations.

To bridge the gap between vision and reality, we set intermediate goals – milestones that mark our progress towards long-term success. These goals serve as stepping stones, propelling us forward on our path to personal and professional growth. Finally, at the pinnacle of the pyramid, we find our daily tasks – the actionable steps that bring our goals to fruition. These tasks, meticulously planned and executed, serve as the building blocks of our success, ensuring that we make steady progress towards our aspirations each day.

The effectiveness of our Productivity Pyramid hinges on its alignment with our values and goals. Setting goals that diverge from our core values leads to a hollow sense of accomplishment, devoid of true satisfaction. Similarly, a daily task list that fails to reflect our long-term and intermediate goals breeds busyness without purpose. To maintain harmony, we must prioritize our values and goals, ranking them in order of importance. This clarity of purpose allows us to navigate life’s complexities with confidence, making decisions that resonate with our deepest convictions.

When the Productivity Pyramid is neglected, we risk losing balance in our lives, drifting aimlessly without a clear sense of direction. Empowerment, therefore, entails not only acquiring new skills and principles but also implementing them through practical tools like the Franklin Planner. Ultimately, by aligning our everyday actions with our highest priorities – our governing values – we unlock the power to set meaningful goals and achieve them with purpose and conviction. As we embrace Law 3 and construct our Productivity Pyramid, we embark on a transformative journey towards a life of fulfillment and purpose.

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  1. It works if you work it. I was introduced to Franklin planners through an audio cassette series that was produced by Hyrum Smith and I was sold on the idea. Making that choice has transformed how I live and leaves people in awe at what I can accomplish from day to day.

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